Сompany culture

Open door policy

The employees can communicate on an equality with management, express their opinions and be sure that they will always be heard.

The premises of the Company are designed by technology of open space, which contributes to the unconstrained communication with the management of the Company and keeping the team spirit in the Company.


When hiring no discrimination based on race, caste, nationality, age, religion, disabilities, political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, etc.

Team building

For team building and development of teamwork skills in our company are sports, team building and joint cultural events are performed in our Company.

The colleagues learn company news and exchange information on the intranet portal and in the group Metallimpress on the social network: http://vk.com/mimpress.

It is our common practice to carry out corporate events (New Year’s Day and Builder’s Day), to organize joint visits in the cinema, theater and so on.

The attention is also paid to the children of our employees. For the children we organize different contests (children drawing contest, contest of crafts), fun holidays (Children’s Day on 1 June and New Year’s Day), the annual greeting of first-graders.

Monthly the Company organizes the cultural events for employees of construction sites – joint visits to museums, theaters, exhibitions, etc.

Всероссийский мини-футбольный турнир Кубок МосСтрой 2016

All-Russian mini-football tournament MosStroy Cup 2016

Рафтинг по р. Линда, День Строителя, 2012 год

Rafting on the Linda river Builder’s Day

Первый чемпионат по картингу

The first championship of carting

Пенная вечеринка, День Строителя, 2014 год

Beer Party, Builder’s Day

Ежегодное поздравление первоклассников на 1 сентября

Annual greetings of first-graders on September 1

Ежегодное новогоднее поздравление детей сотрудников

Annual New Year’s greetings of employees’ children

Ежегодное поздравление с Днем защиты детей

Annual congratulations on International Children’s Day

Пикник, 2015 год

Picnic 2015

Экскурсия в Нижегородский планетарий для победителей конкурса детского рисунка

Visit in the Nizhny Novgorod Planetarium for the winners of the children drawing contest