«Monen Rus» 有限责任公司是MONIN集团的企业分号. MONIN 公司-是家法国公司,主要生产和销售糖浆,利口酒和果泥,主要用于专业人员(酒店,饭店,酒吧等)。该公司成立于1912年,在150多个国家地区设有代表处。

«Metallimpress» 科学生产有限责任公司与«Monen Rus» 有限责任公司签署了总包设施合同,用于在莫斯科地区建造12 043平方米的工厂,用于生产糖浆,水果和浆果馅料。


LLC “Monen Rus” expresses its gratitude to the team of LLC NPF “Metallimpress” for the construction of the plant producing syrups and fruit and berry fillers in the Moscow region.

Research and Production Company “Metallimpress” took over the functions of the general contractor and successfully carried them out. Cooperation with you has left us with the most pleasant impressions. You know how to deal responsibly to work issues, acting quickly and smoothly. Your company’s employees are distinguished by high level of professionalism and friendliness, especially we note their interest in the process, responsiveness, quality of work performed and high attention to labor safety.

LLC “Monen Rus” would like to thank you for the pleasant cooperation, for the joint work and looks forward to further cooperation!

LLC “Monen Rus” can recommend LLC NPF “Metallimpress” as a reliable and qualified contractor.

Director of the LLC “Monen Rus” plant
A.A. Miroshnichenko