United States of America

The United States of America is the 4th largest country of the world with population of approx. 325 million people, is located in North America and washed by the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. It comprises 50 states. It is bordered by Canada, Mexico, Russia (water boundary). The United States of America is a country-member of the NATO and the UN.

Capital – Washington, D.C.
Official language – American English.
Currency – Dollar.

Brand Project Customer Location Total floor area
Logo Confectionery Plant Reconstruction LLC Mon'delez Rus Vladimir region, Petushinsky District, Pokrov, Frantsa Shtolverka Str., bld. 10 2 144 m2
Logo Distribution Center LLC Procter & Gamble – Novomoskovsk 60 Komsomolskoye shosse, Novomoskovsk, Novomoskovsk District, Tula Region 26 500 m2
Logo Production Plant for Children Care Goods and Paper LLC Kimberly-Clark Moscow region, Stupino district, Sitenka St., Plot 15 8 365 m2
Logo Mineral Tiles Manufacturing Plant Armstrong LLC Armstrong Building Products Republic of Tatarstan, Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Alabuga 24 440 m2
Logo Raw Materials Warehouse Kimberly-Clark LLC Kimberly-Clark Moscow region, Stupino, Sitenka St., Plot 15 14 000 m2
Logo Drilling Rigs Production Plant Nov Kostroma LLC NOV Kostroma Kostroma region, Volgorechensk 33 262 m2
Logo Energy Technology Center General Electric LLC GE Rus Kaluga region, Kaluga, Technology park Rosva 4 500 m2