General Design

Metallimpress Design Team can perform the design works of any complexity. The specialists of all required design sections form the Design Team. Company employees regularly attend seminars and courses to upgrade skills.

Licensed software improves the efficiency of the design process, provides the high quality and tight terms of work execution by quick implementation of all amendments in documentation.

List of works:

1. Reference design.

2. General design:

  2.1. Development of project stage P:

   Section 1: Explanatory note.

   Section 2: Land plot layout.

   Section 3: Architectural solutions.

   Section 4: Structural and space-planning solutions.

   Section 5: Information on engineering equipment, engineering networks, and so on.

   Section 6: Construction method statement.

   Section 7: Plan for organization of demolition work and desmantling of buildings and structures.

   Section 8: List of measures for environment protection.

   Section 9: List of measures to ensure fire safety.

   Section 10: Measures to ensure access for disabled persons.

   Section 10.1: Requirements for the safe operation of capital structures.

   Section 11: Construction estimate.

   Section 11.1: List of measures to ensure compliance with the requirements of energy efficiency and requirements on equipment of buildings and structures with metering devices of energy resources used.

   Section 12.1: Activities on Civil Defense and Emergencies.

   Section 12.2: Anti-terrorism measures.

  2.2. Development of project stage R.

3. Field supervision.

Below are the projects, by which implementation the Company performed the general design:

Brand Project Customer Location Total floor area
Logo Frozen Bakery Plant LLC LA LORRAINE RUS Kaluga region, K-Agro Agriculture and Industrial Park 12 987 m2
Logo Logistics Post Center JSC Natsional'nye Logisticheskie Tekhnologii Nizhny Novgorod, Teplichnaya Str. 15 654,3 m2
Logo KUHN Production and Warehouse Complex with Administration Building LLC Kuhn Vostok Voronezh Region, Ramonsky Municipal District, Aidarovskoye Rural Settlement 12 500 m2
Logo Confectionery Production Building LLC Mon'delez Rus Vladimir region, Sobinsky district, Sobinka, Mira Str., 12 21 212 m2
Logo HINO Production and Warehouse Complex LLC Hino Motors Moscow region, Khimki, Northwest industrial and municipal area, Vashutinskoye shosse 13 900 m2
Logo Distribution Center LLC Procter & Gamble – Novomoskovsk 60 Komsomolskoye shosse, Novomoskovsk, Novomoskovsk District, Tula Region 26 500 m2
Logo Production Plant for Children Care Goods and Paper LLC Kimberly-Clark Moscow region, Stupino district, Sitenka St., Plot 15 8 365 m2
Logo Décor Paper Plant (2 stage) LLC schattdecor Moscow region, Chekhovsky district, industrial zone Lyutoretskoe 13 685 m2
Logo Production Line of Frozen Prepared Food LLC PZP Elika Moscow region, Electogorsk, Budennogo str., 5a 14 665 m2
Logo Production Line LLC Chernyshikhinsky meat processing plant Nizhny Novgorod region, Kstovo district, village Chernyshikha 4 995 m2
Logo Warehouse Complex (3 stage) LLC Sladkaya Zhizn Nizhny Novgorod region, Dzerzhinsk, Sverdlova avenue 16 670 m2
Logo Trade and Distribution Center Sladkaya Zhizn (Nizhny Novgorod) LLC Sladkaya Zhizn Nizhny Novgorod, Geroja Popova St. 15 000 m2