Quality Control

LLC NPF Metallimpress pays special attention to the quality of work during design, construction and project support at all stages prior to commissioning. The Company guarantees the customers the compliance results of works with the building codes, rules and technical regulations. The responsible approach to the matter of the employees and quality control brought the Company a well-deserved reputation as a highly professional representative of the construction industry.

Scope of measures for quality assurance:

  • Structure of the Company includes the Quality Management Department;
  • Rapid response to changes in state and international standards and making the appropriate adjustments in the internal regulatory documents;
  • Carrying out of the internal expertise of all projects developed;
  • Making high demands for suppliers and subcontractors;
  • Continuous professional development of our personnel;
  • Regular audits of quality control;
  • Strict quality control of materials and equipment supplied as well as job practices:

Incoming control

Laboratory Control

Operational Control

Acceptance Control

The Company priorities in quality field:

  • Improvement of the quality management system of rendering services
  • Quality as anessential criterion of performance results
  • The own policy of quality management based on international standards is developed

Organizational chart of quality control:


Контроль качества

Certificate of OMS conformity
No СК.02.02310
to the requirements of
GOST R ISO 9001-2015
(ISO 9001:2015)
GOST R ISO 14001-2016
(ISO 14001:2015)
GOST R ISO 45001-2020
(ISO 45001:2018)

Социальная ответственность

Certificate of OMS conformity
No СК.02.02309
to the requirements of
GOST R 26000-2012
(ISO 26000-2010)

Неразрушающий контроль

Certificate of certification
of the Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory
No. ATSLNK-11-00002